AVDC® Residency Site Advertisement

AVDC® Residency Site Advertisement

Beginning September 1, 2023, during the month of September each year as a diplomate member benefit, clinics having openings for residents will qualify for one complimentary 3-month resident openings per year, per diplomate. You must submit your advertisement before September 30. The complimentary diplomate benefit postings will run on the AVDC® website from Oct. 1 - Jan. 1. After the free ad, if you choose to extend, the ad/ads will be $500 for the 9 months following, to be posted through September 30th of the following year. No refunds will be given for taking the ad down sooner.

Advertisements received after September 30th will not be posted. Please note this is ONLY for resident openings. Any other submissions will be discarded.

The list of approved AVDC® Residency Sites will remain on the website at no charge.

Once posted, any changes to the ad within the 3 months will have a $50 change fee, per change.*

The following language will be edited for ad posting:
The term veterinary dentist may be used only to refer to AVDC® Board Certified Veterinary Dentists™. For individuals that have completed a residency, the term "board eligible" or "board qualified or credentialed" are unacceptable. For residents that have completed an AVDC® residency the term is "seeking veterinarians that have completed residency training (NSS, SA, Equine, or Dual)."

*Please note: The employer is legally responsible for the content of an advertisement. The AVDC® is not responsible for the contents of a posting. If you would like your ad removed before the 3 months are up, or the 9 months for the paid advertisement, unused time is forfeited, and no refunds will be given.

Please direct any questions to support@avdc.org.